Podcasts — 15 June 2015

Podcast No 7:

Mike Fincken, Captain of Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior 111 joins us on Podcast No 7 to talk about how “green” the ship is.

Join us on Podcast No 7 to find out:

  • What happened to Rainbow Warrior 1 and 11.
  • Learn what makes the Rainbow Warrior 111 green

Guest Speaker:

Captain Mike Fincken, from Green Peace’s Rainbow Warrior 111. Mike has been a sailor for over 30 years and started his environmental work with KEAG – the Kommetjie Environmental Action Group in Cape Town. He has been a captain for GreenPeace for the last 9 years and recently sailed his first trip as Captain on Rainbow Warrior 111.

Introduction and background to the topic

The Rainbow Warrior 111 has in early 2015, travelled along the South African Coast and visited the major port cities of Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban. At each port the public were invited aboard to see the ship, meet the staff and learn about the current environmental campaigns.

Resources and Links mentioned in this session include:

1. Website for general campaign news: greenpeace.org

2. Rainbow Warrior webcam – updated every minute

3. What makes the Rainbow Warrior Green

4. Facebook link : facebook.com/greenpeace.rainbow.warrior

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