Breaking News Green Event Updates — 24 October 2016

As South Africa’s DOE and IPP Office prepares to export the success of its IPP Renewable Energy programme to 11 other governments at the ‘Africa Renewable Energy Forum’ in Marrakech next month, leaders of over USD19bln of investment capital gather with private sector developers and banks to prescribe ‘success breeds success’ for the energy sector.

Joining the forum, 300 market leading investors, 105 speakers, 17 Government Ministers and Senior Government Representatives, 14 Heads of Utilities and Regulatory Authorities from across the continent, the government of MoroccoEgypt and South Africa will discuss a ‘North South Renewable Energy Corridor’ and the importance of a balanced procurement programme drawing on the challenges and success of investors in South Africa.

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EnergyNet’s Group Director commented: “We’ve held some fantastic meetings in the past with the best developers, investors and the most proactive governments, but this meeting is something else, the level of investor and the joined up thinking of multi-governments is extraordinary. From our conversations it’s clearly all about building the right partnerships so that when the deals are done they’re with proven and bankable partners using the best technology and investment tools – we’re very excited!”

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