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Siemens collaboration with Uganda is progressing positively

Siemens has made positive strides in collaboration with the Ugandan government and key stakeholders to identify opportunities to support some of the country’s immediate and long-term energy and infrastructure ambitions. Speaking today on the opening panel at Future [...]

Sri Lanka on track to achieve 100% renewable energy

Sri Lanka can meet its current and future electricity demand by judicial use of renewable energy by 2050, according to a joint study by the UN Development Programme (UNDP) and Asian Development Bank (ADB). The report, titled Assessment [...]

Off-grid solar will transform business in Nigeria

The people behind one of the fastest growing off-grid solar companies in Africa have said that the mobile solar revolution will transform Nigeria’s small-business economy. Access to power is a major constraint for Nigeria’s SMEs, and [...]

Accelerate the UN 2030 goals in order that all can benefit

Peyton Fleming, senior director Ceres is very positive about the future. Here is what he recommends we need to accelerate the global UN 2030 goals I’m an optimist by nature, so when I see a new [...]

Green Building Council Kenya established

The Green Building Council South Africa (Gbcsa) on Wednesday announced the establishment of Kenyan Green Building Society (Kgbs), a move that will bring the commercial and industrial property industry in line with global environmental practice in [...]

Largest solar energy plant in Zimbabwe installed by Mecco

Many companies in Africa are struggling with electricity scarcity, power cuts and the reliance on diesel generators. The current installation of the so far largest solar energy plant in Zimbabwe with a total capacity of 216 [...]

Large opportunity in sub-Saharan Africa for green energy

There’s huge room for green energy improvement across the world, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. That’s according to the Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy (RISE) report from the World Bank, which grades 111 countries in three areas: energy access, energy efficiency [...]

Cryogenic storage offers hope for renewable energy

The cryogenic energy facility stores power from renewables or off-peak generation by chilling air into liquid form. When the liquid air warms up it expands and can drive a turbine to make electricity. The 5MW plant [...]

BRICS face $ 51 billion annual shortfall for clean energy

Financing clean energy infrastructure was high on the agenda at the BRICS Leaders’ Summit in Goa last month. But recent research has found that the BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – [...]

Nations will push ahead with plans despite Trump in Paris

At UN climate talks in Morocco, countries say they are prepared to move ahead without the US. President-elect Trump has said that he will “cancel” the Paris Climate Agreement within 100 days of taking office. Negotiators [...]