Ecospecifier Global GreenTag South Africa

Ecospecifier Global GreenTag South Africa
South Africa
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Ecospecifier Global GreenTag South Africa
Ecospecifier provides compelling and high-quality knowledge and creates unique sustainability metrics for innovative products that represent high value (and low impact) over their life – not only in the traditional sense, but also in the expanded sense of health, well-being and productivity of their total life, in the context of the people, buildings and systems they serve.
Ecospecifier launched in South Africa in 2009 encompasses a variety of services: database and knowledgebase of independently verified and certified products from the whole spectrum of ecolabel and verifiers for consumers and professionals alike that is a one-stop-shop for ‘greenwash’ free product information;
Ecospecifier Verified Product Program, ensures products have been independently assessed in accordance with the Verified Product Program Standard that all manufacturers product eco claims are true in accordance with ISO 14021, Consumer Law and that products are healthy and non-toxic;
Ecospecifier Global GreenTag Certification is a world first, third party, green building and other product rating system underpinned by rigorous scientific and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Health, Ecotoxicity, Greenhouse Gas Emission and Biodiversity assessment processes. It’s advanced, robust ‘beyond LCA’ certification methodology is independently verified as an ISO 14024 compliant Type 1 Eco label launched in Australia in 2010, by Ecospecifier Pty Ltd. GreenTag has recently begun operation under license as Global GreenTag Pty Ltd in South Africa.

Global GreenTag® is a third party certification program comprising 2 different certification schemes. LCARate is a product rating system underpinned by life cycle assessment (LCA) and recognised globally. GreenRate is a recognised third party certifier developed for Green Building Council rating tools in several countries. These GreenTagCertTM systems and the GreenTag team, manufacturers large and small, maximise their green credentials by effectively and simply communicating their sustainability message and building trust and value in their brands.