Breaking News Energy News — 07 September 2012

JinkoSolar, a leading global manufacturer of solar energy products, is working with Solea Renewables to develop the first ever off-grid utility scale photovoltaic system in South Africa for a Limpopo province chrome mine.

“The 1 megawatt plant will produce approximately 1.8 GWh of electricity per year and will effectively reduce the mine’s daytime diesel dependency for the next 20 to 30 years.”

This project is following in line with South Africa’s stated plans to increase its purchases of power supplied by independent producers, and its objective to increase the percentage of the country’s total power mix that is provided by renewable energy.

“While the global demand for South African coal, platinum, palladium and chromium increases, mines and other industrial consumers face power supply constraints due to capacity challenges at Eskom. The turnkey delivery of our PV plants will not only benefit end-users, but it will in turn help reduce the ever present and increasing energy demand Eskom faces,” said Vusi Mhlanzi, Director of Solea Renewables

Source: Clean Technica


Image: utility scale photovoltaic system





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