Green Building in South Africa

Do you have questions in your mind like:

What is a green building?

Is there legislation and laws pertaining to green buildings?

Is it true that building a green building is more expensive?

Can I save money operating a green building?

Can you retro-fit a building to be green or does it have to be a new build only?

What organisations or bodies exist to assist with green buildings?

Where can I do courses on how to green a building?





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Module 1 Introduction

1.1. The Built Environment and climate change

1.2 The importance of green buildings


Module 2 Green Building Overview

2.1 Green Building: International

2.2 Green Building: South Africa

2.3 What is a green building

2.4 Green Buildings and the property market


Module 3 Green Building Momentum

3.1 Green Buildings: new vs retrofit vs operation vs tenant

3.2 Green Buildings: certification vs green-washing

3.3 Green Buildings affect on the marketplace

3.4 Green Building vs a normal building

3.5 Green Building Council of SA and the cost of certification


Module 4 Green Building Projects

4.1 Introduction – Overview of terminology

4.2 Building envelope

4.3 Energy

4.4 Water

4.5 Materials and Emissions


Module 5 Green Building and the way forward

5.1 Green Building economics

5.2 The Developer/Client

5.3 The professional team

5.4 The marketplace/end user/tenant

5.5 Future legistlation


Module 6 Conclusion

6.1 “Rands and Sense” of green building

6.2 Market drivers and social responsibilty

6.3 Local conferences and courses available in South Africa


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