Breaking News Energy News — 08 May 2012

In prominent and positive environmental news, Helen Zille the premier of the Western Cape is aiming towards making the Western Cape the ‘green economic hub’ of South Africa by utilizing and encouraging renewable energy methods and use.

Current environmental news states that two of the strategies that are going to be implanted in order o make the Western Cape the “green economic hub’ of the country is by preparing the building of wind and solar energy farms. All aspects of environmentally friendly and sustainable products like battery chargers and solar panels will be utilized for a holistically sustainable project in all spheres. Another one of the objectives that was communicated in latest environmental news was to reduce the use of energy and water by 10% in all provincial offices around the country as well as government hospitals and other specified buildings. Hellen Zille stated in an environmental news issue statement, “Our government is finalising the draft Green Procurement White Paper, which will provide general principles and guidelines for integrating environmental criteria into supply chain management”.

As well as the breaking and latest environmental news of the move towards the Western Cape becoming South Africa’s ‘green economic hub’, Zille also promised a “game changing” infrastructure plan to be introduced this year. Cape Town will see three regeneration projects, namely the Founders’ Garden/Artscape precinct, the development of a government precinct and the development of the Somerset Hospital precinct. The Cape Town Convention Centre will also double in capacity and there will be the introduction of a road improvement project to improve the Saldanha Industrial Development Zone initiative. This news forms part of prominent South African environmental news. Many other environmentally sustainable concepts are being utilized by the public of South Africa from led light bulb to solar heating of houses.

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