Podcasts — 24 March 2015

Podcast 1:

Howard Harris, energy consultant and CEO of Structatherm joins us on Podcast No 1  to talk about his experiences and understanding of the requirements of the SANS 10 400XA regulations, which address energy efficiency in buildings.



Join us on podcast 1 to:

• Understand what aspect’s of a building are to be considered in assessing the energy efficiency of a building

• Learn what the 3 routes to compliance are

• What software is recommended when modeling the energy usage of the building and what accreditation is necessary for the software

• For architects learn how to optimize the energy efficiency aspects of a building for ones clients so they get the “biggest bang for their buck”

• Model benchmark buildings for energy efficiency

• The best route to compliance for commercial and institutional buildings

• Understand what the role is of a competent person

• Is an energy efficient building more expensive to build and operate


Introduction to the topic

Under Section 17 of the National Building Act, the Minister of Trade and Industry has made regulations known as the National Building Regulations (NBR’s). The NBR’s are a component of building legislation with which all buildings must comply, and is arranged in 23 parts.

Parts AZ 1 – 4 and part A deal with administrative issues.

Parts B to X deal with a specific aspect of building Environmental and sustainability matters are specifically addressed in Part X.

Part XA deals with Energy usage in buildings and includes a number of general functional requirements for a building to be considered energy efficient, and one prescriptive requirement:

XA1 provides guidance regarding the purpose of the regulatory measure, its scope and the required functional performance in general terms;

XA2 is a prescriptive requirement for the provision of hot water by renewable means; and

XA3 is a clear statement of the alternative that will comply with the regulation.

A future part XB will address water usage.

Resources and Links mentioned in this session include:

SANS 10 400XA Courses in and around South Africa – see the calendar link on this site to see the next course in your city.

Handbook for the application of the amendments to the National Building regulations for energy usage. Authored by Howard Harris

Bsimac software for modeling energy use in a building

Design Builder software for modeling energy use in a building


Howard C Harris B.Sc, C.A. (S.A), M. Eng. (Mech.) C.E.M., CMVP, has been involved in the writing of the standards since their inception, and is a former Chair of the SABS Technical Committee that developed the standards. His involvement has allowed him to see the intent of the SABS Technical Committee and the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications, who has framed the regulations.


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