Podcasts — 07 April 2015

Podcast 2:

Brent Hardick, LED technical expert from Rhino Lighting joins us on Podcast No 2 to talk about his experiences and understanding of modern LED’s, which have a good, bad, and indifferent reputation in the local market place where incandescent bulbs, are due to be banned in South Africa.

Join us on podcast 2 to:

  • Understand what LED lights to use in what applications both in the home and in industrial and commercial applications
  • See if LED’s do last the 50 000 hours they are reported to be capable of
  • Hear what the typical installation issues there are with LED’s
  • Understand dimming issues and how to overcome them
  • Listen to some solutions for dual switching and home automation systems
  • Learn what are the measurement units to specify an LED
  • Retrofit or re-design of the lighting layout – which you should use when?

Introduction to the topic

LED’s stands for Light Emitting Diodes and these lights are over 90% energy efficient over existing and traditional lighting. As energy costs increase the need to save becomes paramount and lighting is one way to do this in our homes, commercial and industrial applications. However, LED’s are getting a bad reputation in South Africa as the market is flooded with cheaper versions of high street and high end named brand products and there is no or little customer support. Rhino Lighting expert Brent Hardick talks to some of these issues and challenges and how to overcome them and enjoy the possibilities that modern electronic lighting can offer in terms of energy efficiency, light quality and color options for various settings and uses.

Resources and Links mentioned in this session include:

Rhino Lighting – part of the Rhino Group of Companies specialize in LED lights. On the website is a list of products and a sign up for a newsletter that will keep you updated on LED products, legislation and installation challenges. On the site there is also links to seminar’s that Brent runs in the major centres of South Africa – Port Elizabeth and East London, Cape Town and Durban each quarter to allow you to keep up to date in the LED industry.


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