Podcasts — 21 April 2015

Podcast 3:

Hayden Hill, owner of GreenTech Bio-fuels in Port Elizabeth, joins us on Podcast No 3 to talk about an alternative fuel that is accessible to the man in the street.

Join us on  podcast no 3 to:

  • Understand the environmental aspects and benefits of bio-diesel

  • Find out where to buy bio-diesel

  • Find out if biodiesel is cheaper than normal diesel and by how much?

  • What changes do I need to make to your vehicle?

  • Is there an overall strategy by the South African government to support a bio-fuels industry

  • Are there lots of suppliers in South Africa and is there a business opportunity in this sector.

Resources and Links mentioned in this session include:

1) Website:  www.biofuelsgt.co.za

2) YOU TUBE video on Why use biodiesel?

3) Bio-fuels in South Africa – where do we stand – an article

The ‘food versus fuel’ debates of biofuels certainly raise questions about the future of staple food crops when biofuel production is a more lucrative prospect for farmers.

In South Africa, the government is planning to place a quota and require that at least 25% of the feedstock used to fill the country’s upcoming ethanol and biodiesel-blending mandate, must be supplied by small-scale farmers. This could affect up to 28,800 small-scale farmers. For the biofuel blend, which will require an estimated 576,000 tonnes per annum, small-scale farmers will have to supply 144,000 tonnes from 57,600 ha. It raises questions though whether this is possible given current lack of infrastructure, farming knowledge, production efficiency, economic sized farming units, and general support structures of small-scale farming. Also, one questions whether there really is enough productive underutilized land to grow sufficient amounts of alternative crops and at the same time not effect staple food production and prices. Why not just plant more maize and put a quota limit to the use of maize for biofuel production based on the actual quantities harvested and staple food needs during a specific year? At least provide an additional outlet for excess maize and prevent it from unnecessary leaving the country.

4) Download the BioFuel Industrial Strategy for South Africa

5) Contact details: Hayden Hill – 082 3785 979

Image courtesy of  www.popularmechanics.co.za


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