Podcasts — 19 May 2015

The introduction of carbon tax in South Africa has been delayed until 2016 according Minister Pravin Gordhan. This is a hotly debated topic as it is largely perceived as another punitive tax.

Join us on the podcast to find out:

  • What current carbon taxes we do pay in South Africa?
  • What is the proposed carbon tax legislation proposed for 2016?
  • Is the carbon tax as it is proposed a carrot or a stick?
  • Are we as companies and individuals ready for carbon tax in South Africa?
  • Where you can up-skill your staff and build capacity to calculate your carbon footprint and undertake carbon accounting?
  • If any companies are currently reporting their carbon footprints?
  • Can we trade carbon in South Africa – internationally or on the JSE? And what are the government’s policies for carbon offsetting.
  • What the estimated sizes of the carbon markets are and could be in South Africa?
  • Are the renewable energy projects in the REIPP system trading carbon as an opportunity to raise capital for these projects?

Resources and Links mentioned in this session include:




(use the code GBGPOD5 to get a 10% discount on these courses when booking)

Introduction to carbon management course:

This course gives the complete business case for carbon management. It enables organization’s to future-proof themselves as the global business community moves towards a low carbon economy. The course covers legislation, investors, risks and opportunities, how processes fit into a company’s existing business strategy, and how to build capacity internally.

Carbon Footprint Masterclass

This Certificate equips learners with the complete set of skills and knowledge needed to begin work in Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Carbon Management. The certificate uses case studies, real-life scenarios and practical examples to prepare students for working in this field. If you’re interested in carbon footprint assessment, carbon credits, carbon tax, and the global carbon market, this course is for you.

Advanced Carbon Footprint Masterclass

The Advanced Carbon Footprint Masterclass builds on the knowledge gained in the Carbon Footprint Masterclass Certificate by focusing on the particular challenges experienced when creating a Carbon Footprint report for a large or multinational organization.

Carbon Credits Masterclass

This course will assist learners who want to develop their own carbon projects or advise others on carbon project development as it relates to costs, timelines and processes. All stages of a carbon project are covered, as well as key decisions that need to be taken along the development cycle to understand the viability of generating carbon credits for trade on the carbon credit exchange.

email: kevin@gxcafrica.com

Other useful resources:

Green Business Guide’s Corporate Carbon in South Africa (2012)– free e-course.

Overview on-line course on the Carbon Industry in South Africa – this carbon 101 course is for the total newbie who needs direction and an overview of the industry.

A practical foot-printing calculation guide on measuring monitoring, reporting and verification – more up to date and detailed than the Corporate Carbon course. Released in 2014 and produced by Marco Lotz and Alan Brent for Nedbank and in association with the University of Stellenbosch. Case studies included making the document very useful.

Article on how the South African government plans to combine carbon tax with carbon offsetting. 2014.


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