Breaking News Innovation — 24 November 2015

Saving Energy has launched the SavePower multi-plug in its store.

The SavePower multi-plug lets you connect one electronic device as the master appliance, and four as accessory appliances.

When you switch off the master device, the accessory devices are switched off completely – preventing them from going into standby and drawing power.

For devices like a DStv decoder which you may not want to switch on and off, there is a socket beside the master plug labelled “permanent”.

Appliances plugged into the permanent socket are controlled independently from the master appliance.

The SavePower multi-plug is on sale through Saving Energy in the following bundles, all of which include delivery to your nearest Postnet branch.

  • Single pack: R199
  • Double pack: R299
  • Triple pack: R399
  • Four pack: R499

Source: My Broadband


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