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 Royal Philips will extend its investment in South Africa with the launch of a new company, Philips Lighting Solutions, a subsidiary of Philips South Africa. Based in Johannesburg, it will provide the latest, cost effective, energy efficient retrofit lighting solutions including LED for public and private sector buildings and businesses.

It is offering a total project solution, including lighting surveys, advice, project management, installation, maintenance and very significant, guaranteed, energy savings over a planned period. Benefits include lower energy and maintenance costs, improved brand image in customer-facing areas and an enhanced sense of wellbeing by staff.

“The group is aiming to remove the complexity and the risk which companies face today when considering a switch to new energy efficient lighting including LEDs,” says Megan Louw, GM of Philips Lighting Solutions. “We have a very strong innovative track record as the global leader in lighting, not just in product but now also in total solutions.”

Energy efficient lighting offers cost reductions

Energy efficient lighting offers a quick and simple win for commercial buildings and it provides the perfect entry point to a broader energy efficiency roll out plan. Lighting typically accounts for approximately 20% of commercial building electricity consumption. Varying from the simplest lamps to sophisticated light fittings, with integrated lighting controls, new lighting can save 50% energy, enabling organizations to come close in achieving their aspirational 2015 efficiency targets with only one investment.

It offers a broad portfolio of lighting products, including some of the most advanced LED solutions, enabling achievement of optimal energy savings in all applications. As a global sustainability leader, the group can tailor a unique solution to not only save energy but also reduce the hazardous waste going into the environment.

From the client’s perspective, maximum convenience is ensured with a customized package of end-to-end services, which can be deployed rapidly at scale, from design to maintenance. Financial impact is minimized through facilitating access to enablers like the Eskom IDM funding and tailored financial solutions, while maintenance savings can be refocused on core business. Investment payback periods are fully protected through provision of energy savings guarantees.

“The offering is a response to the impact of energy and carbon on business competitiveness,” says Philips Africa GM JJ van Dongen. “Sustainability issues, traditionally thought of as peripheral to profit, are now important drivers of business success.”

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