Breaking News Energy News — 01 March 2017

The South African Renewable Energy Council (SAREC) has issued a statement in response to the Coal Transportation Forum’s press notice, relating to the reasons behind their unfortunate industrial action in Tshwane this morning. SAREC believes that the statement contains a number of factual errors which need correcting. “We would like to firstly point out that the reduced coal consumption of up to 10 million tonnes by 2021 is actually part of Government’s policy and it is consistent with South Africa’s climate change commitment,” Brenda Martin, Chair of SAREC.

“Furthermore, Eskom has its own ambition to procurement and own 9,6 GW of nuclear plant by 2030 as anticipated in the 2010 Integrated Resource Plan and which is consistent with the utility’s support for the “Carbon Budget Nuclear” scenario of this resource plan,” added Martin.

It is common knowledge that South Africa, along with the rest of the world, is transitioning from coal to other energy sources, be it renewable energy, gas or even nuclear. This is a challenge and reality being faced by countries around the world. “The renewable energy sector globally has shown itself to be even more successful at job creation than the coal or nuclear industry and we believe that we will prove that in South Africa,” she said.

Finally, SAREC is concerned about who has been providing CTA with its information, particularly in the light that Mr. Koko has been constantly posting in social media parroting the same “facts” during the morning. We believe it is important that people enter into informed debates on the fact of the matter rather than formant questionable action through the feeding off misinformation to CTA members.

SAREC is open to engagement with the leadership of CTA to discuss the matters further if there is any clarification required on the facts above.


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