About Us

The Green Business Guide is for all who wish to tread lightly on this earth. It was born as an online publication to make it easy for green companies to connect with their consumers.

The Green Business Guide is passionate about sustainability as the correct and only choice for our global future.

Since inception in October 2010, the Green Business Guide has become one of the leading Green web portals in South Africa. With half a million unique visits and an average of over 9000 visits per month, it provides something for everyone.

Up to date news, jobs, buildings, standards and events drive traffic to the site, providing a professional platform for readers and listed companies. Coverage focuses mainly on the carbon, energy, and green building topics.

This informative resource is backed up with relevant national standards and legislation, available for download. Readers stay up to date on relevant transformation of the market, listing events and jobs.

Our bi-weekly newsletter has 3000 subscribers. We are linked to Facebook and Twitter and keep our readers abreast of trends and happenings in the Green sector.

Vision & Values:

Education and networking are the core values required for a ground-up, green revolution. The Green Business Guide brings us all together on the exciting journey towards sustainability.

The more people we serve, the more effective we become.

We walk the green-talk!

Products & Services:

Clients get access to the following promotional tools:

  • A directory listing in a relevant category related to the Green Building Council’s toolkit.
  • A banner ad in three different sizes.
  • Click through statistics are emailed weekly, monitoring efficacy of your banner ad.
  • A calendar listing of your event, which is also included in the bi-weekly newsletter to over 400 subscribers.
  • A news story on the website, replicated on the Facebook and Twitter feeds. Select news articles are published in the bi-weekly newsletter.
  • A 30-second advertising slot on the Green Business Guide Podcast, “A Quarter to Green”.
  • A 15-minute interview with your CEO on the Green Business Guide Podcast, “A Quarter to Green”.

 Why choose us?

  • We will get your product or service in front of a green-conscious audience, publishing your listing online promptly and quickly.
  • Our professional and consultative process enables you to choose and manage your online content effectively.
  • We actively drive traffic to our site to heighten your visibility. We rank in the top three when performing a Google search for a green directory.
  • Our writers are up to date with the latest developments in the field, creating original content with authority and competence.
  • We enhance awareness and stimulate the green economy in SA.

Key people:

Heather McEwan is passionate about the environment. This highly qualified professional works in the space of green buildings, sustainability, and energy efficiency. She strives to assist businesses to become more sustainable and environmentally responsible whilst still remaining profitable. She has completed the Fundamentals of Energy Management course with the Energy Training Foundation.

Heather is a qualified lead auditor for ISO 9000 and 14 000 systems; she completed 25 energy efficiency projects in South Africa during 2015 alone, including a large ISO 50001-system implementation.

Milestones & Achievements:

  • Heather McEwan received the Carbon Reduction Manager certification from the American Association of Energy Efficiency Engineers (AEE). This is an international award.
  • The Green Business Guide was selected to participate in the #JustAddGreen acceleration programme.