Breaking News Energy News — 05 November 2018

Jorge Lascas, founder and managing director of the African Power Platform (APP), announced that stakeholders and other interested parties can now access the APP’s extensive library of articles, studies and relevant documentation about all aspects of the power sector in Africa.

An estimated 600 million people don’t have access to electric energy and even for those that do, power is often unreliable. Electricity is an essential service that enables businesses to be more productive, children to be educated, and improve the lifestyle of every individual. It also allows for the free exchange of ideas and innovations that can lead to unprecedented breakthroughs.

The launch and availability of the APP library, counting with over 300 reports, articles and studies published, is vitally important to keep people informed and can be a launching point for new ideas, resources and solutions. Individuals can learn about conventional methods of producing energy, renewables, microgrids, solar power, and how those methods and strategies might be combined to best serve the unique and increasing power needs in each of Africa’s countries.

Africa is home to a variety of different landscapes, and visitors to the online library will have the opportunity to learn about the challenges and opportunities of developing infrastructure in those areas. Individuals also have access to special events, webinars and awards. The APP library also features interviews and explores various energy sources that include fossil fuels and hydropower, and the challenges inherent in utility digitization.

Through the comprehensive library of the African Power Platform, individuals can learn about grants, renewable energy laws, pilot programs, and techniques that have worked in other countries that have the potential to be deployed in Africa. Materials in the APP library address power challenges within all areas of Africa.

The APP library is a unique opportunity to learn about the difficulties, opportunities and innovations available that can benefit the people of Africa. Electric power is an essential element for business growth, education, and the development of strong infrastructure and empowerment in multiple sectors.

About African Power Platform:

Founded by Jorge Lascas, the African Power Platform aims to connect private and government stakeholders in Africa’s power sector. The platform helps circulate and propagate tenders, intelligence and business opportunities to its members. Developers, power producers, ministries, utilities, regulators, financiers, and other like-minded individuals can join APP to share possible solutions and ideas on how to solve Africa’s lack of electricity.


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