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Kent Law Energy (Pty) Ltd (KentLaw) is a South Africa registered company (2014) which offers clean energy solutions
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Kent Law Energy (Pty) Ltd (KentLaw) is a South Africa registered company (2014) which offers clean energy solutions. These solutions include:-

Combined heat and power (CHP) also known as co-generation & Combined cooling heating and power (CCHP) solutions also known as tri-generation,
Micro-CHP and Micro-CCHP units for domestic and light industrial use
Gas Heat pump

Our CHP systems typically run on Natural Gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Biogas, and coal-bed methane gas. Our systems efficiencies range from 84% – 94% which leads to cost savings and an attractive ROI.

The engine size of the CHP energy generation set would depend on the needs and budget of the client. Engines sizes start at 100kW to 4MW. These systems can also be combined for clients having larger energy demands.







These solutions are ideal for applications in the following setting:

Hotels, boarding houses, hostels
Retirement houses, social service buildings, hospitals, and clinics
Covered swimming pools, aqua parks, spas, and fitness centers
Schools, office buildings, supermarkets, and malls
Agricultural establishments, breweries, zoos, industrial establishments, laundromats, urban heating plants, comfort family houses, and more
Industrial processes where heat and electricity needs are high






The gas heat pump is a device allowing combined production of heat and cold. Technically, it is a combination of gas engine, compressor, heat exchangers, and a control system that function as one unit. The gas heat pump operates on the same principle as common heat pumps.

The gas heat pump produces 40% more heat for a similar sized heat pump and can heat water up to temperatures of 80-90° C. It is capable of producing 160 kW of cooling, and 259 kW of Heat It can be used in all the applications listed under CHP Solutions.


We have strategic partners with long-term experience with CHP installations around the world, we are very flexible in meeting our clients’ different requirements.

Some of the larger installations include:

8 MW installed electrical output Oilfield Kumkol, Kazakhstan – 2009
2 MW installed electrical output in a Landfill, Getlini, Riga, Latvia – 2001
4 MW installed electrical output Heating plants, WVV Energie, Czech Republic – 2009
12 MW Installed electrical output for Industrial plant, Svit, Slovakia – 2010
6 MW Installed electrical output in Hospital, Vimercate, Italy – 2009
12 MW Installed electrical output in Airport, Sydney, Australia – 2012
10 MW Installed electrical output for Oil Refinery, Petroil, Russia – 2005



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